Worldwide Pinhole Day 2017


It’s that time of year again……. Worldwide Pinhole Day.

Worldwide Pinhole Day allows photographers and enthusiasts to display their photos taken on the last Sunday of April using a pinhole camera.  This international event has been celebrated since 2001.

Currently there are 843 photos taken from around the world.  This year I entered the photo entitled “Chesapeake & Ohio”.

pinhole photograph Copyright 2017 James Draper Jr All rights reserved

This old restored locomotive caught my attention as I visited the Science Museum of Virginia. With so much detail, I chose to highlight the wheels.

WWPD 2017 Camera

This camera is a recycled jewelry box, modified to accept 5×7 film holders. A pinhole is mounted inside an old Graflex lens. My exposure was 20 seconds, controlled by a cable.

Take a moment to look at all the unique entries this year:

Worldwide Pinhole Day 2017


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