RVA As Seen Through the Pinhole


artwalkRVA as Seen Through the Pinhole” will open as a part of the First Friday’s ArtWalk, 5-9p on Friday, September 5 at Elegba Folklore Society’s Cultural Center.  This exhibition of black and white photographs is produced by the artist, James W. Draper, Jr., using the techniques of pinhole photography.

“RVA as Seen Through the Pinhole” is a series of photographs depicting scenes around Richmond. This series demonstrates the artist’s fascination with the light tight box or camera obscura and its potential. Says Draper, “The pinhole camera is unconventional photography that challenges the analog in me. The pinhole gives me freedom to go beyond traditional photography.” Because the camera obscura functions like a projector or like a recorder, it can support creativity in the pinhole artist by producing unique images and ideas. 

A pinhole camera and imagery to record will be included in the exhibition, and visitors to the cultural center can try it out. 

The Ęlęgba handsFolklore Society’s Cultural Center is located on 101 East Broad St. in the downtown RVA arts district at the corner of 1st and Broad Street and the exhibit will be available  Sept. 5th — Nov. 30th. For more information visit their website: www.efsinc.org

Draper Photographs As Seen in:

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