World Wide Pinhole Day is always the last Sunday in April.

This year I chose this sculpture to capture my photograph I entitled, “The Painted Pot.” This large concrete painted pot was selected as a pinhole subject because of its size. It represents peace as a 3D still life. It gets many comments from viewers.

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This camera is a handmade 4×5 multi focal set with wide & super angle, standard focal length. I adapted a Graflex back & used a Polaroid shutter with pinhole shim. My cable release controls exposure. My subject was recorded on Ilford direct positive photo paper.

Copyright 2022 James Draper Jr All rights reserved.

World Wide Pinhole Day 2021


Searched for an object-image, especially one that could deliver high contrast. This hydrant was captured on Ilford B&W photo paper, exposed for 120 seconds on a partly sunny day.”

This Korona 5×7 view camera was modified to accept the Skink Pinhole Pancake lens. It has an f/145 aperture.”

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World Wide Pinhole Day 2020

pinhole photograph

Being that the weather would not be suitable for pinhole shots outside, I decided to setup a studio shot with the two nautilus shells. I used Harman Direct positive B&W paper, exposure took 10 minutes.”

My pinhole camera is a Zero Image 4×5 multi format. It can use film or photo paper. For this picture I used direct positive photo paper. It has an f/238.”

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World Wide Pinhole Day 2019

pinhole photograph

During a week long trip to Virginia Beach, I discovered many subjects for world pinhole day. I was fascinated and excited on the fishing pier. This pier is an eye catcher.”


This is a Zero Image 4×5 pinhole camera with an f/218. I used Ilford Harman Direct Positive Black & White paper. Using a light meter, my exposures was 120 seconds on an overcast day.”

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World Wide Pinhole Day 2018


WW PHD 2018 A

“My image is a historical fountain that is very unique because of its age, shape and texture. This fountain sits in the middle of a cobblestone street in downtown Richmond Virginia. It should be on every visitor’s list.”

“My camera is handmade wooden box with a Polaroid shutter lens,a Graflex 4×5 film holder and a cable release. My exposure was 20 seconds with Ilford black & white.”


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Worldwide Pinhole Day 2017


It’s that time of year again……. Worldwide Pinhole Day.

Worldwide Pinhole Day allows photographers and enthusiasts to display their photos taken on the last Sunday of April using a pinhole camera.  This international event has been celebrated since 2001.

Currently there are 843 photos taken from around the world.  This year I entered the photo entitled “Chesapeake & Ohio”.

pinhole photograph Copyright 2017 James Draper Jr All rights reserved

This old restored locomotive caught my attention as I visited the Science Museum of Virginia. With so much detail, I chose to highlight the wheels.

WWPD 2017 Camera

This camera is a recycled jewelry box, modified to accept 5×7 film holders. A pinhole is mounted inside an old Graflex lens. My exposure was 20 seconds, controlled by a cable.

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Worldwide Pinhole Day 2017

World Wide Pinhole Day 2016


Everyone knows pinhole photography is a passion of mine.  Each year I look forward to capturing a unique angle using a camera I created.

The international event titled “Worldwide Pinhole Day” allows photographers and enthusiasts to display their photos taken on the last Sunday of April.

For this pinhole day entry, my selection was these bikes and parts of bikes all welded on a steel pyramid. The entire structure was about 25 feet tall and was spray painted silver.

WWPHD Jimfilm 2016

M0377y pinhole camera was custom-made to use 4×5 film holders loaded with photo paper. The pinhole was mounted inside an old shutter and controlled by the cable release.

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